Kick off Meeting (KoM)
The KoM was held on 08/03/2019 at SUPAERO in Toulouse, France. Objectives were the discussion of the work plan, the structure of the project organisation, the flow of information and the promotion of creativity and cooperation.

General Assemblies
GAs (or steering committee meetings) are usually held twice per year in full-consortium face-to-face meetings. The project status is reviewed and discussed with respect to the objectives, costs and deadlines. The progress regarding the final goal of the project is verified.
  • General Assembly Nr. 8: 16/01/2023 [at exail, Saint-German-en-Laye, France]
  • General Assembly Nr. 7: 26/09/2022 [at Planetarium in Brussels, Belgium]
  • General Assembly Nr. 6: 14/01/2022 [fully virtual]
  • General Assembly Nr. 5: 02/07/2021 [fully virtual]
  • General Assembly Nr. 4: 15/01/2021 [fully virtual]
  • General Assembly Nr. 3: 29/06/2020 [fully virtual]
  • General Assembly Nr. 2: 13/01/2020 [at ETH in Zurich, Switzerland]
  • General Assembly Nr. 1: 02/07/2020 [at IPGP in Paris, France]

Sensor and instrument reviews
These reviews are held once per year (along with a GA) to review the progress of sensor and instrument development, including scientific requirement definition.
Updated meeting plan after adjustments for COVID-19 delays.
Other meetings
  • Committee for Exploitation and Intellectual Property (CEIP) meeting, face-to-face: M6/M18/M30/M36, to decide on the management of the IPR; to decide on how the project results shall be exploited; to decide on the dissemination to be performed.
  • WP Meetings Monthly, Phone/video conference, to focus the work within a WP; a status report is generated and distributed to all participants.